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Andrew's willingness to share his creativity, knowledge, wisdom and passion with others is astonishing. Honestly i don't know where he gets all that energy - must be his teas 😊💜

Jann Morgan

Having recently completed this workshop with Andrew in Canberra , I can highly recommend it. His teaching style is both informative and encouraging. His knowledge of herbs is amazing and I came away feeling much more confident in offering herbal tea readings

Lesley Leavy

Andrew continually amazes me at his depth of wisdom and truly caring attitude. He always seems to pull that rabbit out of his "mad hatters" hat (or the ethers) that has my jaw dropping because it resonates, makes sense and is delivered with the quick wit and joyous expression that makes Andrew Andrew!
So if you're seeking effective change, deep wisdom all delivered in lightness, then Andrew is your go-to.

 Doris Wittmann
i am andrew yeo Transparent-logo-white

A big thank you to Andrew for the workshop yesterday. Learning about the herbs that make teas was very interesting and informative. Did not realise how much went into making tea. If you are thinking of doing any off Andrews workshops I would recommend 💯. The shop makes you feel at ease with Andrew in charge. Please do yourself a favour do the workshops on offer. You will learn lots.

Carol Barlow

I recently attended one of Andrew’s tea leaf reading workshops. I learnt so much. Not only is Andrew a master at his tea making craft, he is also a talented teacher who is willing to share his knowledge and skills in a fun and relaxed manner.


I recently had the privilege of attending and sharing Andrew’s Tea Leaf Reading Course in Canberra.  It certainly was not what I was expecting.  It was so much more. Andrew’s amazing knowledge of the “ingredients” (yes, the blends) that he places together for the many different teas surpasses most of our understandings. He researches how the compatibility of each “ingredient” blends together and the effect it has on the human body; both physical and etheric.

“Geisha Girl” (for me to do with past-life experiences for myself and clients) and “Are You Listening To Me” (well I think that speaks for itself) are just a couple of  the Teapot teas that I am using.  I love the names that Andrew has given to his teas.

The range of Teapot teas are exceptional and… there are cards for readings and helping one explore what these amazing teas are all about.

One of the things that impressed me is the process that Andrew does when he prepares his mixtures for his teas.  Very Soulful and Spiritual – these are the only herbal teas that I will be bringing into my kitchen, lounge room and anywhere else I decide to have a Teapot tea.

The way I look at a “cuppa” will never be the same again; the steam flow, the placement of the residue, how it sits on the saucer and in the cup and so much more.

I highly recommend that YOU attend Andrew’s workshops and support him in bringing forward a spiritual aspect to teas and tea leaf readings. I know I do.

Gaye Piper, Canberra

I met Andrew & was introduced to his healing tea a couple of years ago at a fair in Canberra. Since then it has become a ritual for me to enjoy a variety of Teapot Teas every day. I love that these teas are blended with Andrews wisdom of herbs & with the intention of healing. I now incorporate these amazing teas into my High Tea with Tarot events & it’s been my experience that everyone enjoys sampling them.

Last week I attended Andrews workshop for Herbal Tea Leaf Reading. It was a wonderful day made more enjoyable by Andrews  authenticity, delightful personality & Sense of humor.I was pleasantly surprised how much I learnt about the teas & how to read them.

We were also introduced to his cards & shown how to incorporate them into a reading. I’m happy to say I have since been practicing my readings with very positive results.Thank you Andrew for all you bring to this world.

Many Blessings Vicki Lyons

As a past student of Andrew’s, I can’t recommend this highly enough!!!

This is an amazing workshop!

It’s fun ✔️

It’s enlightening ✔️

It’s inspiring ✔️

It’s empowering ✔️

Andrew takes you through the steps of this ancient form of divination, leaving you confident to pursue your own path in the art of tea leaf reading.

Bernadette Popic

I absolutely loved  Andrew from Teapot Teas. I did a tea leaf reading with my mother and I can say that we both loved it. There teas are astonishing, they have so many blends and they are all amazing. My personal favourite is ‘Your so dreamy’. All of their teas have a flavour and a story behind them. Like I said before me and my mother did a tea leaf reading. I was shocked at how good the tea tasted and how good the service was. When I came to teapot teas I was stressed, depressed and was full of self doubt. I left feeling like a different person, I had never seen before.

Andrew is the tea pot man. He runs the store, but more than that, he has to power to make you feel like your in a fairytale dream. I have never met a person that is so calm, relaxed and happy all the time. He is a beautiful inside and out.

I can honestly say that if you want to wind down, our even just buy good tea, go to teapot teas.

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