The philosophy behind Teapot Teas is about slowing down to ‘smell the roses’ and to take time in your busy day to gift yourself with the ritual of tea as self-care. We want to inspire transformation and bringing communities together, through self-acceptance. Our raw passion for real living and commitment to self-awareness through learning, development and making sustainability the core factor in all our decisions to help bring nature back into balance.

Teapot Teas organic herbal tisane’s are blended for taste and therapeutic benefits with esoteric and energetic benefits as well.

Andrew Yeo the founder of Teapot Teas has brought his ancestral heritage of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, expertise as a master tea blender, chef and western herbalist, along with his other holistic therapies such as reiki, crystal healing, aromatherapy and his own modality holographic core healing to create each and every blend. Blending is conducted with the influences of numerology, sound healing and sacred geometry.

Did you know? That our tea blending studio and warehouse are gridded with record keeper quarts crystals. Each of our teas are also energetically infused with matching crystals that have been channeled and that resonate with each flavour and its properties. All of the crystals for the 38 flavours also fit perfectly in the flower of life. Lastly before our little boxes of tea treasures leave our warehouse they get a sound bath of crystal bowls so that it is perfectly energised with the intent.

Next time you make a Teapot Teas brew don’t just have a taste but also energetically feel into each and every flavour and see how it resonates in your very being. We invite you to truly have a taste of the Teapot Teas experience.

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