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Andrew is The Elemental Alchemist fusing together different frequencies of plants and herbs to create high vibrational teas. He is a seer and channel, transformational healer and elemental ritual specialist. He works with organisations and individuals to harness transformational change. Andrew is a catalyst a that can help you inspire authenticity and self acceptance.  He can assist you in this enlightening and engaging process of bridging the gap between the now and into a process of balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self.

His training as a western herbalist with ancestral knowledge of traditional Chinese remedies and a physical and energetic body worker has brought him to a place when he is offering and teaching the art of tasseomancy and herb psychometry to be able to find and help break ancestral patterns.

Andrew also offers elemental ritual services from space clearings to rituals aiding your life with focus, integrity and love.

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If it is guidance and direction you are seeking or need to help recognise the patterns that hold you back in life. Andrew is the one for you.

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Ritual work has been very much part of Andrews life. It is now time for him to share and help you with rituals that need to be brought into your life. Be it house clearings, love or intentional rituals.

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Teaching & inspiring people has been a calling for Andrew. He offers regular tea blending and herbal lore workshops. He also teaches the art of tasseomancy (tea leaf divination) and oracle readings.

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Did you know? That our tea blending studio and warehouse are gridded with record keeper quarts crystals. Each of our teas are also energetically infused with matching crystals that have been channeled and that resonate with each flavour and its properties. All of the crystals for the 38 flavours also fit perfectly in the flower of life. Lastly before our little boxes of tea treasures leave our warehouse they get a sound bath of crystal bowls so that it is perfectly energised with the intent.

Next time you make a Teapot Teas brew don’t just have a taste but also energetically feel into each and every flavour and see how it resonates in your very being. We invite you to truly have a taste of the Teapot Teas experience.

For more information on the award winning Intentional Tisanes of Teapot Teas and updates on upcoming events and workshops follow us on