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  1. Watching tonight’s programme of Medicine or Myth a remedy for thrush was put forward.using lavender and tea tree oil. This brought to mind when I had five leg ulcers following a fall in which I broke my arm near the top and was sedentary for weeks. (age 78) Doctors treatment for ulcers wasn’t working and I feared amputation. I was given a remedy from a person who learns from an American naturopathic doctor. It was a mixture of lavender, tea tree and frankincense oils, one third of each. Put on twice a day and left uncovered, but covered if going outside or to bed. The shallow ones healed in three weeks, the deep ones took 6 weeks. Some more ulcers threatened to start and I put on the oil and they went away.

    Don’t rubbish the tales the grannies told us. My granny was born in 1890 and grandpa was born in 1850 so they shared stuff from back then. They came to Australia and were pioneers travelling by horse and wagon. The family raised many children , a few lost through accident. The oldest relative I know of was a great aunt who lived to 98.

    I have used petty spurge to remove sun spots for he last 39 years. This is now being cultivated to process into a cream for general use.

    Most of the milk sap plants like fig will burn off warts.

    I have a head full of what the grannies said to survive in the bush, and find your program most interesting.

    • Thank you Rosemary for sharing your beautiful experience!

      Our grannies have so much ancestral wisdom that has been passed down through the centuries!
      Thank you for supporting and bringing back natural therapies.