Tea leaf reading has been around for many centuries and these cards have been designed, illustrated and created by Andrew Yeo based on tea psychometry, teomancy & French gypsy oracle.

These are designed with portability in mind as well as for those who do not drink tea.

I use these cards during my own readings in my business and they are a wonderful and very accurate divination tool with tremendously fabulous feedback from my many clients. I do hope you enjoy these cards as much as I have in designing them.

The Gypsy Tea Oracle Cards can be used to forecast your future. There are 40 cards in each deck made of beautiful quality cardstock. Size is standard trump-size of 2.45” x 3.95” (65mm x 100mm)

The accompaniment booklet will be emailed to you in a PDF format that is print ready upon purchase of these cards. Please check you email after purchase.

International orders get sent directly from the printer to you as it is a much faster way than sending from Australia.

Note: There are certain countries that I have experienced great difficulties in shipping goods to. Please enquire by message to me if you feel your location may be in a hard to reach category. If you have placed your order and are in a difficult to reach shipping location I shall refund you in full. Please note these prices are in Australian Dollars.

I am the owner and designer of The Gypsy Tea Oracle and I self publish and distribute only my own creative works. All creative works and my collection of my The Gypsy Tea Oracle and any corresponding instruction booklets are owned and copyrighted by me. Any reproductions are an infringement of copyright.