The Ascended Star Seed  of Transformative Flow

The Moldavite talisman



The Ascended Star Seed  of Transformative Flow

The Moldavite talisman

7.9 gms moldavite

$678 inclusive of  insurance and postage

It can be worn as a talisman .

Made for the witch/wizzard/ healer that needs to work on the fly. Shibari bound with 925 sterling silver.

Many believe that the olive green and earthly energy of Moldavite was sent to us to help us ascend. There’s no denying this gem has big energy and with big energy comes big shifts. Moldavite has an intensely high frequency and that fact married with its cosmic collisions and its earthly and extraterrestrial vibes make it a strong stone indeed.

Made of stardust and from places unknown, Moldavite definitely scores big when it comes to metaphysical magic. This gem is said to be an amulet sent to earth to help us ascend. It’s a stone that serves the spiritual community well, helping to awaken and strengthen psychic abilities, encouraging people to get in touch with their past life lessons, and connecting you to spirit guides and ethereal beings who can show you the way. Along with opening you up to spiritual forces, this gem can also keep you protected. It shares similar properties to Obsidian with its ability to throw up a forcefield of positive power to stop any bad vibes and harmful entities from getting through.

Lovingly created and activated by Elemental Alchemist Andrew Yeo from www.iamandreyeo.com

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